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What Is a Widget?


A widget is a little gadget you can put on your social network profile, blog, or web page that shares something fun and acts as a tool. You might think of a widget as an interactive sticker for your web page. Anyone who visits your page will easily be able to see and use the widget.

The widget shares a featured eBook that updates automatically when a new eBook is available. Clicking on the book image in the widget will open the eBook. The widget also displays three buttons:

EmailE-mail to a friend: Click on the envelope button to e-mail the eBook to a friend.

ShareShare: Click on the "+" button to share the eBook on many popular social networks. Or,
click on "Get Widget Code" to put the Sesame Street eBooks widget on your profile, blog, or web page.

BuyBuy: Click on the shopping cart button to register for a Sesame Street eBooks subscription.

Go ahead! Grab this widget and share the joy of Sesame Street eBooks with your friends and family!