How To Use


Go to your Bookshelf and click on the "Read" button under the eBook you want to read. Once the eBook loads in the Reader, it will look like this:

Abby In Wonderland eBook loaded in the Reader.
main components of the Reader These are the main components of the Reader:
  1. Control Panel
  2. The eBook
  3. Page Navigation Controls
  4. Page Flip
  5. Page Numbers
Now, let's look at the Control Panel. The Control Panel consists of controls for Zoom In/Zoom Out, Full Screen/Normal Screen, Print.
Zoom In Button When you click on the "Zoom In" button, you can zoom into the
eBook to look more closely at the details on the page.
Zoom Out Button Once you’ve clicked on "Zoom In," the button toggles to
become "Zoom Out". The "Zoom Out" button can be used at
any time to zoom out and view the page normally.
Full Screen Button When you click on the "Full Screen" button, you can view the
eBook in full screen in your Internet browser.
Full Screen Mode In full screen mode, you get 100% of your screen area to view
your eBook. The Control Panel appears only when you mouse
over the top part of the screen.
Normal Screen Button To exit full screen mode click on the "Normal Screen" button at the upper right of the screen.
Print Button The "Print" button allows you to print the current eBook page
you are viewing.

My Bookshelf Button Clicking on "Close" takes you back to your Bookshelf,
where all your eBooks are kept.
Now we know how to read an eBook using the Reader. Next, let’s look at how reading an Audio eBook in the Reader is different from reading a normal eBook.
Audio eBook