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What is an eBook?


An eBook is a digital version of a printed book. When you read a Sesame Street eBook with your child, you can make story time extra engaging with bright pages, audio narration, interactivity, animation, and more. Best of all, Sesame Street eBooks are ready to read right here, right now!

When you subscribe to Sesame Street eBooks, you'll get access to more than two hundred eBooks to read online. New eBooks will be added to your bookshelf periodically throughout the year so you'll always have something new to look forward to.

eBook Formats

Sesame Street eBooks come in four formats:

  • Read: eBooks allow you to read aloud at your own pace
  • Read and Listen: Audio eBooks include fun Sesame Street audio narration, sound effects and music
  • Read and Play: Interactive eBooks invite your child to interact with the content in playful and educational ways
  • Read and Watch: Animated eBooks bring beloved Sesame Street characters and stories to life in full-color animation

Get Reading Tips Here!

Get Reading Tips Here!


Elmo loves his eBooks! Elmo can choose from so many stories, and sometimes Elmo can even hear a friend reading to him! Elmo loves that he can read his favorite eBooks wherever Elmo's mommy or daddy can go online! 

A 3 ½-year-old monster

When you read eBooks with your child, you engage in a shared interactive experience that allows you to participate in your child's learning. Whether you are reading the stories aloud or listening to a narrated version, you can take advantage of the rich opportunity to talk with your child about the story and ask open-ended questions, such as, "What do you think will happen next?" My son Lucas and I love to read eBooks that build and expand on his interests! 

Rosemarie Truglio,
Vice President of
Education and Research,
Sesame Workshop