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For Libraries

A library subscription to the Sesame Street eBookstore allows you to offer your patrons UNLIMITED access to MORE THAN 200 eBooks. There are two easy ways to enjoy this unique collection: in the library, or at home.

The Sesame Street eBookstore benefits and features:

Available anywhere, anytime
More than 200 classic and brand-new books
New books added regularly at no extra cost
All books based on Sesame Street's early childhood curriculum
Includes 4 different kinds of eBooks: read along books, audio books, animated books, and interactive books

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Individual Library Users

Free trials to the Sesame Street eBookstore are currently limited to institutional use only. If you are interested in having your library subscribe to the Sesame Street eBookstore, please contact your institution's librarian/information manager, and encourage them to contact a representative to assist them in making this resource available to your institution.

Librarians/Information Managers

Please provide your relevant information in the fields below and a Sesame Street eBookstore representative will contact you with further information.

Please note that only librarians are entitled to request a trial access for their institution.

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Access to the Sesame Street eBookstore will be activated as soon as we receive the purchase order from the library.
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